Application Form

Application Form

When we prepare your case and approach the assessor early enough in the year – before the filing deadline – we are often able to get bigger real estate tax reductions because the assessor has the time to review – and we have a greater window of opportunity to negotiate the reduction you receive.

We represent you by building your case and filing it with the Board of Assessment Review. We know how much of a reduction can be expected, what kind of evidence is acceptable & how to navigate the courts. We make the court appearances for you & do all the paperwork. We even pay the appraisal & court filing fees.

Complete and return your signed contract form TODAY so we have enough time to effectively prepare and present your case.

  1. Please type in your details below.
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  4. Mail, email or fax the form back to us. All contact details can be found at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: You will receive confirmation of acceptance of your case within 10 days.

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