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Average Savings of $1,800/year!

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Who We Are

Featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Sokol Group offers a one-of-a-kind property tax appeal service, whose goal is to lower your property taxes and SAVE you MONEY. We've been the market leader in Property Tax Appeals in the Westchester, Rockland, & Orange County since 1989! As such we know what it takes to get your appeal filed with the local Assessment review board & get it accepted! The best part of our service, is that we SAVE you MONEY or there is NO CHARGE - it's a WIN-WIN situation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why may you be entitled to a reduction?
Quite often, people pay real estate taxes based on the assessed values from years ago. If the value of your home has gone down since the assessment, you still end up paying property taxes based on your past assessment. In order to fix this situation, we help you file a property tax appeal otherwise known as a property tax grievance. If your home was worth, for example, $900,000 a few years ago and now it would sell for $600,000, why should you be paying taxes based on $900,000? With most homes down 20%-40% in value, filing a property tax appeal to lower your real estate taxes is one of the few no-brainers in today's economy for lowering expenses. If you live in Westchester County NY, take a minute to review successful examples of our Westchester County Property Tax Reduction Service. For other counties see above sample of savings.
Why is it critical to appeal NOW?
When real estate values start going UP, your chances of getting a property tax reduction start going down. If you file a property tax reduction before this time however, you can save money even AFTER your property value has gone up.
What does it cost?
There is NO CHARGE until we succeed in reducing your property taxes. Our fee of 60% of the first year's reduction is payable AFTER you receive legal notification that your assessment has been lowered. Unlike many of our competitors, there are NO up-front fees and NO hidden charges. Our charge is for the first year only, in all subsequent years you keep 100% of the savings!
Why Sokol Group?
We represent you by building your case and filing it with the local Assessment Review Board. We know what types of evidence are acceptable, how to navigate the courts and how much of a reduction can be expected. We do the paperwork and make the court appearances for you. We even pay the appraisal and court filing fees.

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Why Use Sokol Group?

We have been the
local market leader 
for 23 years

We have a 95% success rate, saving clients an average 
of $1,800 per year

We consistently get higher reductions than most 
of our competitors

We are locally based, unlike the many firms which recently entered the market, 
so we are familiar with every neighborhood in your county ... and the local courts

Assessment review boards 
will not try to get you 
to take a lower settlement 
than you deserve because 
they know we will take them to 
NY State Supreme Court

We are the only firm 
in the area with a 
Certified NY State 
Real Estate Appraiser 
on staff