Tax Appeal Authorization Form

Tax Appeal Authorization Form

Apply Now to Increase Your Chances of a Successful Appeal!
When we approach the assessor early enough in the year, we are often able to get you a bigger reduction because we have more time to negotiate. We build your case and file it with the Board of Assessment Review. We know how much of a reduction can be expected, what kind of evidence is acceptable and how to navigate the courts. We make the court appearances for you and do all the paperwork. There are NO up-front fees – we even pay the appraisal and court filing fees. Return your signed Authorization Form TODAY so we have enough time to effectively prepare and present your case before the filing deadline in your town.
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  2. Connect your computer to a printer and click on the blue button below that says: "Click here to generate your personalized PDF form".
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  5. Mail, email or fax the form back to us. All contact details can be found at the bottom of the page.
(Alternatively, instead of typing in your details below, you can print this page and fill in the fields with a black pen or download a blank copy of the form as a PDF file.)
NOTE: You will receive confirmation of acceptance of your case within 10 days.

I authorize Sokol Group as my sole representative to protest/appeal my real estate taxes and assessment for year 2023. I agree to pay 60% of the first year reduction in real estate taxes. The fee is payable when I am provided written proof that my taxes are reduced. There is absolutely no fee if I do not get a tax reduction.

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