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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Crugers, New York – An Older Demographic Living Alone

Crugers, New York is a hamlet in Westchester County and located within the town of Cortlandt. Some homes in this locale are situated…
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Crompond, New York – Young And Wealthy

Crompond, New York is a small community, termed a census-designed place, and it is located within Westchester County in the town of Yorktown.…
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Chappaqua, New York – Home To Notable People

Chappaqua is hamlet that is located in the town of New Castle and situated within Westchester County. It borders the eastern bank of…
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Bedford Hills – Home To A Bevy Of Cultural Icons

Bedford Hills is a quiet hamlet situated within Westchester County and is home to sprawling estates, farms, and rich historic sites. Boasting a…
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