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Haverstraw, New York – A Town Populated By Young People

Haverstraw New York is located in Rockland County, is east of Orange County, and is situated to the west of…
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Grand View-On-Hudson, New York – A Fine Place To Be

Contained within a single neighborhood, Grand View-On-Hudson derives its name from its sweeping panoramas, offering residents a front-row seat to…
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Chestnut Ridge, New York – A Peaceful Village

Chestnut Ridge is a village nestled within the town of Ramapo and located to the north of New Jersey. People…
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Airmont, New York – A Village with Charm

Airmont is located within the town of Ramapo in Rockland County, and its southern border is shared with the state…
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Yorktown, New York – A Community Nearby to Manhattan

Yorktown enjoys a close proximity to one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas – Manhattan. It has a rich historical…
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Somers, New York – An Historic Town

Somers, New York was originally inhabited by the Kitchawanks of the Wappinger tribe, descendants of the Algonquian people. In 1697,…
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Scarsdale, New York – A Lovely Village

Scarsdale, New York is located in Westchester County, and it operates coextensively with the Village of Scarsdale. It uses the…
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Stony Point, New York – A Historical Enclave

Stony Point, New York has an interesting history as being a staging ground for George Washington’s Continental Army during the…
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Property Tax Bills Up Overall in America – Westchester County Leading the Pack

Property tax bills are often a homeowner’s second greatest expense just behind their mortgage. The national average for the year…
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Ramapo, New York – Place of Sweet Waters

The name Ramapo comes from the word Ramapough, and it means ‘sweet water’ in the Lanape language. The area is…
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