Crawford, New York – An Excellent School District

Crawford, New York – An Excellent School District

Crawford is a town comprising 40 square miles that borders the Shawangunk Kill River, and it is located in Orange County. Just 67 miles from New York City, people have access to variety to work and recreation within an hour’s drive. 77% of residents own their own home, and 48% of people have earned a college degree. The median age is just 40.8 years, and the median household income is $92,578 per year.

Visitors can view the historic Crawford home built in 1830 with its collection of art and views of the Newburgh Bay. In addition, Crawford is home to a variety of concert venues, seniors’ clubs, and also hosts the Harvest Hoedown festival, popular among families with young children. Unemployment is on par with the national average of 6%, and jobs in the area have increased by .08%. The average expenditure per student in Crawford schools is $18,042, nearly a third higher than the country’s average, and there are just 15 students per teacher.


7,875 people live in Crawford, and these are distributed among 2,707 households at a density of 196 people in 71 housing units per square mile. 42% of households have children below the age of 18 living therein, and 65% are married couples living together.

8% of homes are headed by a single female householder with no husband present, and 21% of homes are occupied by nonfamilies. 17% of people live alone, and 7% of the time, this is someone above the age of 65. The average number of people living together in a home is 2.9. Average family size is 3.29.

Real Estate

Home prices in Crawford, New York have a huge range, all the way from $60,000 to $30 million, and the median listing goes for $370,000, an increase of 14.6% over the last year. The median number of days on the market before selling is just 38, and 12 homes were sold in the past month. There are currently 45 homes for sale, and prices are forecast to rise by 3.1% over the following year.

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