Mamaronek, New York — A Place of Beauty

Mamaronek, New York — A Place of Beauty

The natural features of Mamaronek, New York have placed it like a jewel in a setting of sapphires. It is located both at the head of a river, and it boasts an outlet to a bay close by, having is very own harbor. It is home to roughly 29,000 residents, and it has a rich history as an early settlement of the 13 colonies.

Its name means, ‘the place where the sweet waters fall into the sea’, and Mamaronek was purchased by an English merchant from the Siwanoy Indians. From its early days as a village, its inhabitants earned a living by fishing, farming, and working with wood. The region today still remains a largely residential area.

Mamaronek in the Modern Day

The town is certainly charming, earning its place unto several top 10 lists for best places to live in New York. Mamaronek enjoys a low unemployment rate at just 6.2%, and its sales tax figure rests at 7.38%. Median household income is $86,307, and the real estate values are good and reflect rates that are higher than average. This demonstrates the desirability of living in Mamaronek, as people are willing to pay extra for the privilege.

Mamaronek has a small town feel, and even though it encapsulates the Village of Larchmond, the entire area is unincorporated. Municipal services are available, and the region is self-governed. It also has several parks, a public swimming pool, tennis courts, and an ice skating rink for recreation. Mamaronek is known for its family friendliness and its attractive homes with well-kept lawns.

The average tax bill for this population is $10,000, and the real estate values have jumped considerably since 2014. Just 3 years ago, the median listing price for a home was $750,000, and in 2017, this figure rests at $1.25 million. Listed houses amount to almost 500 in all.

Several notable people have come from Mamaronek, one of these being James Fenimore Cooper, most known for his series of novels, the most famous being ‘The Last of the Mohicans’. Also of note was the lyricist who wrote the song, ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, which was actually played for the first time at a high school talent show in Mamaronek.

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