Lewisboro: A Combination Of Old And New

Lewisboro: A Combination Of Old And New

Lewisboro is a town for people who are interested in our country’s rich history. It is an area that is tied inextricably to its origins as a colonial-era town, and it still reflects many features of inception. For example, Lewisboro remains unincorporated, and it has no centrally-located region that could be considered a downtown.

Lewisboro Demographic Information

Residents who want to do their shopping must do so in one of two plazas, and there is no business district. This, however, has not stopped growth, as most a full 30% of the people living in Lewisboro are between 45 and 65. Of these, 47% have children in their home who are 18 years old or younger. And an impressive 31% of the entire town is made up of people under the age of 18.

According to census calculations, 12,324 people live in Lewisboro, and roughly three quarters of households are comprised of families. The population is distributed at an average of 442 people per every square mile, and the median income for a household with a family is $157,412. The per capita income is $54,795.

Lewisboro Geography and Recreation

The geography of Lewisboro is a little different, as it is like an L-shape that has been turned upside down. The reason for this is that there was a boundary dispute between New York and Connecticut, and the resulting shape agreed upon by both states is now referred to as ‘The Oblong’. The area in and around The Oblong has some of the country’s most expensive real estate.

In total, the town of Lewisboro is 29.1 square miles, and it is comprised at over 4% water. This reflects the 7 natural lakes the area is famous for and the wealth of parks and preserves where people can spend their time.

Residents can go camping in the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, and they can visit the Trailside Museum. Some of the parks include tennis, soccer, and walking trails, and the Old Field Preserve has 100 acres that include wetlands and a natural habitat for birds and other animals. History buffs can also go searching for artifacts that exist beneath the ground and that are verified to be 8,000 years old.

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