Introducing Cortlandt

Introducing Cortlandt

Introducing Cortlandt would not be complete unless you made note of its distinction as an historic Hudson River town. Located in Westchester, County, the town is home to a historic attractions, hamlets, and a variety of neighborhoods.

Introducing Cortlandt - A Historic Hudson River Town

Introducing Cortlandt – A Historic Hudson River Town


Some of the Notable Sites

Some of the featured sites include the Croton Dam (billed as the “eighth wonder of the world) and musician Aaron Copeland’s house. Many of the buildings, such as Old St. Peter’s Church, were used during the Revolutionary period.

Introducing Cortlandt and Its Real Estate

The town, which lies at the northwest boundary of Westchester County, sits at the eastern end of Bear Mountain Bridge. The population of about 42,000 people live primarily in single family homes that list, on average, from $545,000 to $999,999. Most of the homes occupy about 2,000 to 3,000 square feet of living space and feature three or four bedrooms and two baths.

The area, which frequently draws families to its quaint and scenic enclave, features houses that are located on lush, green and hardscaped lots that consist of two stories. Sprawling homes in the area are situated in park-like settings and are often noted as possessing both charm and character.

Cortlandt Manor

One section of Cortlandt, Cortlandt Manor, often appeals to many professional people who wish to escape the urban landscape. People like the convenience of only being an hour away from New York by train. Plus, a number of new parks and neighborhood subdivisions are now integrated in Cortlandt Manor’s hilly and river-friendly terrain.

Regardless of the updates, this section of Cortlandt still holds an interest for history buffs too. For example, it is said that General George Washington once read prayers in St. Peter’s Church, which also served as a hospital for the French military during the Revolutionary War.

A Great Place to Cycle and Hike

Other historically significant sites include the Little Red Schoolhouse and the Van Cortlandtville Cemetery, both which, like St. Peter’s Church, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Indeed, Cortlandt is a historic Hudson River town as its hilly landscape and hamlets allow hikers and cyclers in the area to enjoy the river views and acreage in such places as the Steamboat Riverfront Park in Verplanck—one of the town’s hamlets—and the 1,538 acres of the Blue Mountain Reservation park

History enthusiasts are quick to point out that the area’s history goes back to 1677. At that time, Stephanus Van Cortlandt, who was the first US-born mayor of New York City, started buying land in the location from several tribes of Native Americans. Historians believe Henry Hudson, who anchored his boat off the river for which he was named, was the first outside visitor to the area in 1609.

Who to Contact about Tax Relief in the Area

Needless to say, with the wide variation in real estate prices in Cortlandt, it is important to make sure you are paying an equitable amount in property taxes. Because property tax rates in this part of New York are some of the highest in the state, it is important find out how you are affected as a resident.

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