New Square New York – A Village of Hasidim

New Square New York – A Village of Hasidim


The New York Times has said that to set foot in New Square, New York is to step back in time as if traveling to an East European town from the previous century. Many residences have multiple families living therein, as New Square has the lowest income per capita in New York State at just $962 per year.

Many young men spend their time studying Torah, and in all, there are about 350 families present in the area. The crime rate is lower than most, and students enjoy paying for their tuition based on their personal income. The community is close knit, and families with between four and eight children are the norm.


4,624 residents live in New Square, and these are dispersed in densely packed housing units. 77.8% have children under the age of 18 living therein, and 92.6% have married couples. Just 2% are comprised of a single female householder, and 4.1% are nonfamilies. 3.3% are persons living alone who are above the age of 65.

Real Estate

The median price for a home is currently $499,000 or $254 per square foot and is 18% higher than what is average for the state. There are a total of 2 active listings, and just 14% of the population are homeowners. Each home, on average, houses 6.3 people, and this figure is 142% higher than the New York average.

The number of days that each property stays on the market, on average is just 59 days, and some homes are considered ‘hot properties’ that sell very quickly.

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