Nyack, New York – A Village and Part of ‘The Nyacks’

Nyack, New York – A Village and Part of ‘The Nyacks’

Nyack, New York is a village that is situated within Rockland County, in Orangetown primarily and with a small section residing in Clarkstown. It is roughly 19 miles north of Manhattan.

Nyack contains a vibrant music scene, and it is part of the various hamlets and villages that comprise ‘The Nyacks’. These are referred to as Central, South, Upper, and West Nyack.

Nyack is well known for its fabulous restaurants, also offering a variety of cuisines, such as Chinese, vegetarian, and Peruvian. It offers venues for nightlife, beauty shops, gymnasiums, and a plethora of antique shops, toy marts, and jewelry stores. Commuters can live an easy distance from an abundance of jobs.


6,737 people live within the village of Nyack, New York, and these are distributed among 3,188 households. 1,511 of these contain families, and the population density is approximately 8,749 people per square mile. The area’s residents live in a total of 3,288 housing units, and 20.5% have children below the age of 18.

32% are married, and 12% are a female head of house. 52.6% are nonfamilies, with 42.3% made up of single individuals. In 12.3% of cases, these were people over the age of 65.

Real Estate

There are currently 88 homes on the market, and the median value is $499,500. The forecast for the following year is set to increase by 3.6%, and the average number of days for a property to stay on the market in Nyack, New York is 134 days. 10 homes have sold in this village in the past month.

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