Clarkstown, New York – A Growing Area

Clarkstown, New York – A Growing Area

Clarkstown, New York is situated to the west of the Hudson River, and it totals 46.9 squares miles. A full 8.4 square miles of this is water. The unemployment rate is low at just 3.9%, and the population has grown by 9.9% in 2017. The people in the town enjoy a short commute time of just sixteen minutes, and Clarkstown is made up of 8 quaint hamlets that each have a distinct personality.


Clarkstown has a population of 87,210 people, and these are distributed among 29,234 households and are comprised of 22,186 families. Each square mile contains 1,800 people within it on average. 27% of homes have children below the age of 18, and 24.1% are nonfamilies.

10.4% of home have a single female householder and 31% are made up of someone living on their own who is more than 65 years old. 62.1% of homes are headed by married couples, and the average home has 2.85 people living inside. The average number of members per family is 3.28, and the median age for Clarkstown residents is 42.8 years.

Real Estate

The real estate market right now in Clarkstown, New York is leaning in favor of being a buyers’ market over a sellers’ market, and the median home value is $333,500. The market increased in value by 3.3% in 2017, and it is predicted to increase by 1.2% in 2018. The price per square foot equates to $236, lower than the average found in New York City — $267. The current median price for homes listed for sale is $449,000, and 286 homes are listed at this time.

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