Mount Kisco – A Quaint, Safe Village

Mount Kisco – A Quaint, Safe Village

Mount Kisco is located along a historic route littered with important sites having to do with George Washington and the Revolutionary War. It is situated in a quiet area known for its pristine beauty, and the village had 10,877 residents according to 2010’s census results.

The town’s name Kisco likely comes from an Indian word that means mud, and the settlement is recorded as beginning in the year 1700 when it was deeded from the Indians to the colonists. There is a hill north of town that rises to a height of 623 feet, and this is why the town’s name includes the word ‘mount’. The area experiences all 4 seasons of a humid subtropical climate, and it comprises an area of 3.1 square miles.

There are various colleges located within Mount Kisco or close by, and the town boasts several employment opportunities that include the Metro-North Railroad, an airport, and a nuclear powerplant. Several hospitals are situated within an easy distance, and residents enjoy a close proximity to an Amtrak station and other public transportation options.

Tax and Other Statistical Information

Westchester County has the dubious honor of having the highest taxes in the United States. The majority of this is due to the high cost of teachers’ salaries and pensions for the Westchester school systems. Other factors include an inconsistent and disorganized method to calculating taxes and a formula that creates arbitrary results with some families receiving bills at higher tax rates than others, some even exceeding $100,000 annually.

The average home is valued at $402,200, and there are a total of 4,000 households, with the median income totaling $68,556 per year. Roughly half the population owns their own home, and the other half rents. The homicide and crime rate is virtually nonexistent.

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