Buchanan, New York – A Village in Westchester

Buchanan, New York – A Village in Westchester

The village of Buchanan is 1.7 square miles, and a full 17% of this is made up of various bodies of water. It is also home to natural resources, such as the Norway Spruce, one of which was donated to the Rockefeller Center as its annual Christmas tree, an 80-foot tall monolith.

The Indian Point Energy Center has long been a mainstay for Buchanan, providing jobs and utilities to its residents. It produces 2,000 megawatts of power, opening in 1962, and it is slated to close in the year 2020.

Buchanan’s rich history provides visitors ample opportunity to spend time together as a family learning and having fun, and it is also known for its vibrant shopping district. In addition, there are parks and recreational facilities. Residents do tend to stay put, which is why the housing inventory is traditionally so low.


2,189 people live in the area of Buchanan, and these are divided amongst 609 families. 1,579 people live within each square mile, on average, in 912 homes. There are 814 houses in total, and among these, 36% have children below the age of 18 living therein.

60% of homes are comprised of married couples living together, and 11% have a female head of home living without a husband. 25% are nonfamilies and of these, 9% were above the age of 65. The average family size is 3.12, and the average house has 2.67 people residing within.

Real Estate

Buchanan currently has five listings available for purchase, and these have a median asking price of $379,000 or $216 per square foot. Six homes sold in this area during the past month, and these were purchased for 97.3% of the list price.

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