Ramapo, New York – Place of Sweet Waters

Ramapo, New York – Place of Sweet Waters

The name Ramapo comes from the word Ramapough, and it means ‘sweet water’ in the Lanape language. The area is 61.9 miles square, and it played a vital role during the Revolutionary War, as it provided a strategic location from which to view approaching British ships sailing off Sandy Hook, New Jersey.

Today, it is known for its arts and leisure, and it was ranked in 2006 by Money magazine as one of the 50 best places to live in the United States and the best place to live in New York. It enjoys a low crime rate and is home to businesses, parks, and gardens. It is also one of the highest rated towns in the country for most land dedicated to parks and is also known for its superior attention to their design, care, and upkeep.


108,905 people live in Ramapo, New York, and they exist in 31,561 households. 24,870 families live in the town at the rate of 1,778 people per average square mile. 34,422 dwelling units are dispersed at an average of 529 per square mile.

42% of all households have children who are under the age of 18 living therein, and 64% are inhabited by married people. 10.6% of homes have a female householder with no husband, and 21.2% of houses are occupied by nonfamilies. 17.2% of the population lives alone, and 7 percent of the time, these individuals are over the age of 65. The average family size has 3.82 member.

 Real Estate

Median estimated house prices currently are $396,400, and the house market is projected to grow by 1.2% in 2018.  Average condo list price is $340,014, $582,291 for land, $556,571 for multi-family dwellings, and $687,863 for single family residences. There are 347 homes on the market at this present time.

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