Orangetown, New York – An Old Settlement

Orangetown, New York – An Old Settlement

Orangetown, New York – An Old Settlement

Orangetown, New York was established on a tract of land that was purchased from the Tappan Indians in 1686. It was the first town that was founded in Rockland County, and its first residents were from Holland.

The area is close to several Amtrak stations, giving commuters easy accessibility to transportation, and it boasts several colleges close by, including Nyack and Mercy colleges. it is home to a robust arts and culture community, and it offers stable jobs with good pay, enjoying an employment lower than the United States average at just 3.9%.

Real Estate

The average home listing price in Orangetown is $524,200, and the average house price is $580,100. This has improved by 8.0% over 2017 and is expected to rise by 2.3% in 2018. The median price per square foot is $296, and this is higher than the New York Metro area. The median price for homes listed for sale in Orangetown is $597,000, and home values have appreciated by 13.9% over the last decade.


Orangetown is populated by 47,711 people living in 17,330 households, 11,940 of which are comprised of families. 1,973 people live, on average, in each square mile with the area’s 17,827 housing units distributed at about 737, on average, per square mile.

30% of households have someone under the age of 18 living therein, and 57% contain married couples. 31% are nonfamilies, and 25% contain a single individual. 11% of houses are occupied by a single person over the age of 65. The average family has 3.18 people, and the average household has 2.62 people.

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