Rye Brook, New York – A Tree City USA Village

Rye Brook, New York – A Tree City USA Village

Rye Brook is a village, 3.5 miles square, located within Westchester County, and it shares a border with Greenwich, Connecticut. Incorporated in 1982, Rye Brook is recognized as a Tree City USA village, part of the USDA Forest Service program to encourage superior forestry stewardship.

The median income per household is $98,864, and Universal American has its headquarters there and is a major employer in the area. In addition, WRNN TV broadcasts from Rye Brook, and commuters can avail themselves of the Bee-Line Bus System and the Westchester County Airport. Families can play tennis and basketball at the Pine Ridge Park, and children can participate in Little League Baseball.


8,602 people live within Rye Brook, New York, and these are dispersed among 3,122 households at a density of 2,479 people, on average, per each square mile.

37% of homes have children younger than 18 living therein, and 68% are married couples. 22% are nonfamilies, and 18% of people live alone. 7% of these are a female householder, and 9% are people aged 65 or older. The average family has 3.09 people in it. 25% of people are under 18, just 4% are between 18 and 24, 28% are between 25 and 44, 25% are 45 to 64, and 17% are senior citizens. The median age is 41.

Real Estate

The median sale price is $665,000, or $365 per square foot, and this is, on average, 95.3% of the asking price. Most homes will receive just one offer before selling, and the average down payment is 20%. 5 homes sold in the previous month, and values have dropped by 1.5% since last year. Average number of days on the market is 31.

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