Blauvelt, New York – A Neighbourhood for Safety and Education

Blauvelt, New York – A Neighbourhood for Safety and Education

Over 55% of Blauvelt, New York adults are college-educated.

Blauvelt is located in the town of Orangetown, Rockland County in the state of New York. It is a census-designated place (CDP) known for being a small town with big people. The CDP is north of Tappan, east of Nauraushaun, south of Central Nyack and west of Orangeburg. Despite having a quiet suburban feel, Blauvelt is only half an hour away from the city. The area also offers an array of outdoor activities, top-notch education and more.

The CDP was known as Greenbush and then Blauvetville before being known as Blauvelt. The name has a Dutch origin, coming from a prominent family that settled in Blauvelt around the 17th century. Before World War I, property in Blauvelt was used to create Camp Bluefields, a rifle range made for training the New York National Guard. The property was used for a range of purposes before being abandoned after World War II. Blauvelt has also been home to the 914 Sound Studios, a musical recording studio in the 1970s.


Blauvelt is home to about 5,750 people. The median household income is very high, sitting at approximately $126,500 despite the national average being only around $55,000. The majority, 79%, of Blauvelt residents are ethnically white. However, the area also has a sizeable Hispanic and Asian population. The median resident age is 39.6, only slightly higher than the New York average of 38.4.

The CDP offers the perfect combination for families, low crime rate and high-rated schools. Over 55% of adults have a college degree or advanced degree despite the national average being only 22%. Many residents of Blauvelt hop onto public transport to commute to work in surrounding cities. Most households own a home and are single-family properties.

Real Estate

A median priced home in Blauvelt, New York will cost you about $500,000. Home prices are among the highest in New York. Though the median household income is higher than the national average, the median home value is also significantly higher than the national average of $184,700. Though the national median rent sits around $949, the median rent in Blauvelt is a whopping $1,310.

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Image: Charles DeLoye on Unsplash

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