Rye Playland And Real Estate Are Both Inviting Attractions

Rye Playland And Real Estate Are Both Inviting Attractions

March 23, 2022

Rye, New York is home to Rye Playland, also known as Playland Amusement Park. Located along the Long Island Sound, it was built in 1928 and is situated on 280 acres. It attracts an astounding one million visitors every single year, and the hockey team, New York Rangers, is known for holding practice and home games at the Playland Ice Casino.

Westchester residents can enter for free, enjoying the arcade, swimming park, beach, and the Spanish Revival bathhouse. Playland features a landscaped mall with colonnades and a 100-foot-tall monolith called Music Tower. Its five roller coasters delight thrill-seekers, and tourists can enjoy a stroll on the terrace or take in the quiet relaxation on the boat dock of the nearby lake.

Real Estate And Schooling

Rye is nestled near the border of Connecticut and features more than 11 miles along the coast. At $1.06 million, it boasts a median property value nearly six times higher than the national figure. 8 homes sold last month, and sales prices are up 20% over this time last year.

The average price per square foot is $677, and the average home will spent 200 days on the market before it sells. There are currently 54 homes available for purchase.

96% of graduates from Rye High School pursue a college education and have access to College Board Advanced Placement courses, a top-tier football team, and athletic training in over 20 sports. In addition, parents can choose from private institutions, such as School of the Holy Child or Resurrection School.

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