Stony Point, New York – A Historical Enclave

Stony Point, New York – A Historical Enclave

Stony Point, New York has an interesting history as being a staging ground for George Washington’s Continental Army during the Revolutionary Army. King’s Ferry was used by our allies from France cross over to Yorktown. The Stony Point Battlefield exists today, making the battle of July 16, 1779 during which ‘Mad’ Anthony Wayne led a surprise ambush against a 544-man British garrison.

Today, it is known for its outdoor activities, like canoeing, skiing, hiking, swimming, fishing, and various parks. 35% of the locals are descended from ‘old’ families that have lived in America for hundreds of years.


Stony Point has 14,245 people living therein in a total of 4,832 households and 3,802 families living in the region. 511.7 people live, on average, in each square mile in 4,951 housing units distributed at the rate of 177.9 per square mile.

38% of households have children living within who are under the age of 18, 66.2% have married couples, 9% are comprised of a single female householder and 21.3% are nonfamilies. 17.3% of households contain single individuals, and of these, 8.1% are made up of someone 65 years or above.

The median age is 38 years, and there are 97.8 males for every 100 females. This figure drops to 94 males per 100 females at the age of one hundred and over. The median income level per household is $71,940 and $97,633 for families.

Real Estate

The median price for a house or condo in Stony Point, New York in 2016 was $371,995, and this figure is higher than the median price for the state of New York at $302,400. The mean price for all housing units was $410,906, $429,943 for detached houses, $232,361 for townhouses, $587,238 for 2-unit structures, and $446,834 for edifices with five or more structures.

The median gross rent was $1,168 per month, and the median annual property tax paid for houses with mortgages was $10,001 and $8,827 for houses that had no mortgage.

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