Scarsdale, New York – A Lovely Village

Scarsdale, New York – A Lovely Village

Scarsdale, New York is located in Westchester County, and it operates coextensively with the Village of Scarsdale. It uses the village system of government, which means it has an elected council of six members and a mayor.

Scarsdale was established in 1788, and it was the site of fighting during the Revolutionary War. In addition, it was used as the basis for a novel by James Fenimore Cooper, called The Spy. Today it is a thriving community that is home to several nature centers, beautiful parks, and many historical sites.


The village of Scarsdale is just 6.6 square miles, and it is located about 25 miles away from Manhattan. It is subject to the humid continental climate and has four distinct seasons. Vibrant cultural experiences, nightlife, and jobs are all a short 30-minute train ride away.

17,823 people live in 5,662 households and 4,993 families exist in Scarsdale. 5,795 housing units are distributed at the average rate of 832 per square mile. 51% of households have someone under the age of 18 living therein, and 81.8% are comprised of married couples living together. 11.8% are nonfamilies, and 10.6% have just a single person living alone, 6.3% of which were over the age of 65.

 Real Estate

The median house price for a home in Scarsdale New York, is $1,440,990, and the housing forecast is projected to increase by .7% over the year 2018. The average house price is $2,027,335, and the number of homes on the market has increased by 9% this year.

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