Kaser, New York – A Village Of Hasidic Jews

Kaser, New York – A Village Of Hasidic Jews

Kaser was established to create more housing for people almost entirely made up of Hasidic Jews, more specifically, of the Viznitz sect. The United States census also shows that this location contains more Romanians than anywhere else, and its name is derived from a word meaning Hebrew as pronounced by eastern Europeans.

In addition, the village of Kaser is densely populated and has a higher concentration of people in it than New York City, putting it in fifth place for the entire country. It is also a place for young families, as the median age in Kaser is just 14 years of age. It boasts private schools, a cozy small town feel, and hosts some of its municipal services through the Town of Ramapo. 40% of commuters will walk to work.


Just 3,314 people live in the area, and these are dispersed among 1,647 households. Of these, 1617 are families, and there are 678 housing units per average square mile. 79.1% of homes have children under the age of 18 living therein, which helps account for the young median age.

90% of houses had married couples living together, and 3.7% are composed of a female householder with no male present. 4.5% of households are nonfamilies and 3.2% have a single person living alone, 1.9% of them above the age of 65. The average Kaser household will have 4.89 people.

 Real Estate

The median home price in Kaser is $376,700, and 96.2% of the population owns their own home, with 3.8% living in rented establishments. The median price per square foot is $259, and there are currently 122 homes listed for sale in the area.

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