Small Town Americana – Bedford, New York

Small Town Americana – Bedford, New York

Small town Americana is easily represented by Bedford, which is located in Westchester County. The charming town in New York State is about 50 miles from the Big Apple. Located in an area of almost 40 square miles, Bedford is home to about 17,000 residents.

Small Town Americana - Bedford, New York

Small Town Americana – Bedford, New York

An Introduction to Small Town Americana

In the past, the Bedford was known for its large estates and dairy farms. While the town is still rustically pleasant, it is geared for people who want to be close to city amenities. The town features three hamlets, each of which feature a park, locally owned retail shops, and a library. Katonah, Bedford Village and Bedford Hills also possess their own personality.

In addition, Bedford regularly features concerts and embraces the arts. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the community’s art galleries and museums, and garden tours in the summertime. A good deal of the town’s land is located in Bedford Village. However, this small hamlet is not as populated as Bedford Hills, where more people seem to cluster.

Because of it country charm and closeness to New York City, the town of Bedford enjoys a fairly prominent standing. Both Bedford Village and Bedford Hills feature quaint business areas with popular restaurants and shops. You also do not have to go too far to see picturesque, front-porched antique homes. As you move toward the more open areas in town, you are greeted by tree-lined roads and peaceful open spaces and fields.

A Magnet for Real Estate Buyers

Because of these open spaces and the town’s concern for the environment, people are regularly attracted to the real estate. Houses that are featured in the town that fall in the median price range are listed at around $750,000. If you want to buy a condominium, the price averages around $300,000.

Most of the buyer profiles include two types of purchasers. People either live in New York and want to move to a rural setting or want to buy a weekend retreat.

Indeed, Bedford, which epitomizes small town Americana, is as historic as it is personable. Back, when it was first established in 1680, Puritan men, who lived in Stamford, purchased about three square miles. They offered blankets, coats and a just over £6 for the real estate. So, including the bedding and apparel, the overall value then would amount to about $10.00 today.

Save on Your Property Taxes

That is certainly a far cry from the real estate prices charged currently. Given the prices of real estate in Bedford, you also have to make sure you are not being overcharged in tax. Find out more about the savings you can realize through a tax appeal. Take some time today to see how you may benefit.

A property tax service, such as the Sokol Group, can save Bedford residents hundreds of tax dollars annually. Review your options online. You do not ever pay a charge unless the appeals service wins a settlement. That fee is taken out of the savings you receive.


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