Big Savings for Westchester County Taxpayers in New York

Big Savings for Westchester County Taxpayers in New York

Sokol Group Facilitating Big Tax Savings

Big Savings for Westchester County Taxpayers in New York

WESTCHESTER, NEW YORK:  While real estate prices in the New York housing market, perpetuate their historical rebound, taxpayers continue to pay tax rates significantly above market values. Bruce Sokol a veteran real estate valuator from the Sokol Group who operates in Westchester, Rockland and Orange County, argues that an accurate real estate valuation and a well-drafted tax appeal on a house, could save homeowners millions of dollars in taxes, over a period of time. Taxpayers in New York could be virtually throwing their hard-earned dollars into a bonfire.

Professional Tax Consultant

In addressing this anomaly in the market, the Sokol Group offers a professional service which saves homeowners from a system in which many tax payers are clearly overpaying their tax burden. Accordingly, the Sokol Group comes to the rescue. Bruce Sokol and his team provide a free property value assessment to determine whether a homeowners property is overtaxed and if an appeal is justified. According to an article in the WSJ, the National Taxpayers Union has stated that up to sixty percent of real estate prices are overvalued.

Tax Reduction and Assessment

After the Sokol Group has reviewed details of a property and determined that a case for a tax appeal has a good chance of success, the company prepares a comprehensive set of documents for submission to a local authority. The best part about the company’s property evaluation and tax appeal service to clients is that it is for free. Clients who are recipient to the the Sokol Group’s service, only pay for professional services rendered, once a tax saving has been successfully procured.

An interesting online calculator, which the Sokol Group provides homeowners, is the “Free Property Tax Assessment Tool”. This affords users the immediate ability to determine whether there is merit in applying for a tax appeal. This is a win-win situation, where homeowners in New York will benefit by this much needed service.

About the Sokol Group

The Sokol Group is a company based in the Hudson Valley, New York specializing in tax grievance. The company is active in providing homeowners with tax savings on property taxes through property revaluations and tax appeals. The Sokol Group operates principally in the Westchester, Rockland and Orange County areas in New York State.

Contact Person: Bruce Sokol, CEO of the Sokol Group at  [email protected] or Contact Us

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