Sokol Leads in Property Tax Relief

Sokol Leads in Property Tax Relief

WESTCHESTER, NEW YORK: As homeowners face increasing property taxes in a rising real estate market, the Sokol Group is assisting residents with a novel online tool. Taxpayers can now instantly determine, whether they are overpaying their taxes and consequently invoke measures to obtain real estate tax relief. The company operates principally in the Westchester, Rockland and Orange County areas.

Do You Qualify For A Property Tax Reassessment?

Once the Sokol Group has reviewed details of a property and determined that a case for a tax appeal has a good chance of success, the company prepares a comprehensive set of documents for submission to a local authority. The best part about the company’s property evaluation and tax appeal service to clients, is that it is for free. Clients who are recipient to the the Sokol Group’s service, only pay for professional services rendered, once a tax saving has been successfully procured.

How Can the Sokol Group Help You?

“We’re a one-stop shop,” said Bruce Sokol, founding partner of the Sokol Group. “We take the administrative burden out of the hands of homeowners and can potentially save taxpayers a significant sum of money.” The company initiates the Property Grievance Process for their clients, from cradle to closure. Bruce Sokol has over twenty five years experience in assisting his clients in property assessments and lowering taxes.

Can Tax Reassessments Boost Economic Growth?

Some financial advisors are predicting that the additional disposal wealth from the savings in real estate taxes, could trigger a boost to the regional economy.

About the Sokol Group

The Sokol Group is a company based in the Hudson Valley, New York which is active in providing homeowners with tax savings on property taxes through property revaluations and tax appeals. The company operates principally in the Westchester, Rockland and Orange County areas in New York State.

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