Westchester Tax Grievance Applications Loom

Westchester Tax Grievance Applications Loom

Lohud Journal reports that Westchester County ranked first in the nation last year, in property taxes. Rockland County was second.

A study revealed that residents in Westchester are one of the nation’s most affluent counties in the United States. In fact, property owners, paid on average $16,500 a year in property taxes, the report from ATTOM Data Solutions.

In Rockland, the average property-tax bill was $12,300.

Lower Hudson Valley Leads in Property Taxes

State and federal reports over the last decade have shown that the Lower Hudson Valley leads the nation in property taxes. This is  a consequence of the high cost of its homes and money spent on its schools, which make up about sixty six percent of a homeowner’s bill.

Westchester Tax Grievance Specialist

Some critics argue that the high tax rates have added to the state’s declining population. Bruce Sokol, CEO of the Sokol Group and tax grievance specialist in Westchester, questions the notion of depopulation. “The Lower Hudson Valley is growing,” Sokol declares.

The State LegislatureGov. Andrew Cuomo, who lives in New Castle in Westchester, implemented a property-tax cap in 2011. It limits the growth in property taxes to less than two percent a year.

Westchester County executive Rob Astorino, a Republican who ran against Cuomo in 2014, has succeeded in to keep county taxes flat, since taking office in 2010.

Westchester‘s high property tax is an ongoing challenge,” said John Ravitz, executive vice president of the Business Council of Westchester.

New York’s Ranking

Overall, New York ranked second in the nation in average property taxes at about $7,000. That was behind New Jersey at about $8,470 and slightly ahead of Connecticut at $6,960, according to ATTOM’s report.

Nine counties had average property taxes of more than $10,000 a year: Westchester, Rockland and Nassau counties in New York; four counties in New Jersey; Fairfield County in Connecticut; and Marin County, California.

The issue of the amount of taxes paid compared to home value, is a significant problem in upstate New York, where values are relatively low and taxes are high. Tax grievance applications are on the rise.

Bruce Sokol suggests that the potential for residents to make their case for property reassessments, has never been stronger. “It’s a golden opportunity for Westchester residents.” Accordingly, residents in the Lower Hudson Valley appear to be destined to make windfall gains, by paying lower taxes. Tax consultants are expected to be busy for the 2017 season.

About the Sokol Group

The Sokol Group is a company based in the Hudson Valley, New York specializing in tax grievance. The company is active in providing homeowners with tax savings on property taxes through property revaluations and tax appeals. The Sokol Group operates principally in the Westchester, Rockland and Orange County areas in New York State.


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