Hudson Valley Residents Scurry to Townhall

Hudson Valley Residents Scurry to Townhall

Westchester Residents Ready Themselves for Tax Savings

Tax Deadline for Hudson Valley Looms

Property Tax Deadline Looms

As deadlines for the filing of appeals for property taxes loom, tax consultants scurry to meet deadlines. The deadline for filing property tax appeals in the Rockland and Orange Counties is May 23rd. For Westchester County the deadline is June 20th.

Property Prices Decline in Westchester

According to a Douglas Elliman Real Estate report, Westchester County experienced the most sales for a first quarter, in thirty five years. However, property prices still declined by 5.6% in the first quarter of 2017.

Westchester Taxes Remain Highest in Country

Although property prices have fallen, property taxes in Westchester County still remain the highest in the county. Lohud Journal reports that Westchester County ranked first in the nation last year, in property taxes. Rockland County was second.

Residents Seek Help From Property Tax Specialists

Tax specialists, like Bruce Sokol from the Sokol Group argue that the possibility for successful tax reassessments has never been stronger. Accordingly, residents in the Westchester, Rockland and Orange counties have flurried to establish the immense savings that they could secure, through a tax appeal. Residents have rallied to parley with tax consultants like Bruce Sokol, with the intention of puffing up their bank balances and increasing distributable income. This is bound to boost economic growth in local economies.

Economic initiatives by President Donald Trump to reduce taxes for small businesses, gives rise to the dawn of a new era.

About the Sokol Group

The Sokol Group is a company based in the Hudson Valley, New York specializing in tax grievance. The company is active in providing homeowners with tax savings on property taxes through property revaluations and tax appeals. The Sokol Group operates principally in the Westchester, Rockland and Orange County areas in New York State.

Contact Person: Bruce Sokol, CEO of the Sokol Group at [email protected] or /contact-us/

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