Mamaroneck – A Village Originally Used For Summer Homes

Mamaroneck – A Village Originally Used For Summer Homes

The village of Mamaroneck is located in both the towns of Mamaroneck and Rye, and it has within it a vibrant farming community that lies on both sides of the Mamaroneck River. It was originally the location of summer properties for wealthy New York City families and is accessible via the railroad.

Residents do not necessarily need to commute, as Mamaroneck boasts access to 7,555 jobs, in industry. While not at work, they can enjoy boating, as the harbor on Long Island Sound provides such facilities.


18929 people live in Mamaroneck at an average density of 5,799 per square mile. There are a total of 6,920 households, and 35% have children younger than 18 living with them, the average family size having 3.28 members.

52% of homes are headed by a married couple and 10% have a single female head of household. 33% of households are comprised of nonfamilies and 11% of people live alone and are above the age of 65. The median age is 40 years.

Real Estate

The median list price for a home in Mamaroneck is $825,000, or $378 per square foot, and this figure has increased by a whopping 35.8% in the past year. There are currently 144 homes available for purchase, and these range from $675,000 in the neighborhood of Mamaroneck Village to the most expensive being in the neighborhood of Murray Hill Middle Heatcote, a median of $3.1 million.

The typical home will stay on the market for 208 days, and it will sell after receiving one offer. 14 homes have sold in the past month.

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