Tappan, New York – A Historical Hamlet

Tappan, New York – A Historical Hamlet

Tappan, New York is located in Rockland County within Orangetown and is both a hamlet and a census-designated place. It shares borders with Alpine, Northvale, Rockleigh, Old Tappan and Nauraushaun – all towns in New Jersey.  90% of its citizens have graduated high school, and 52% earned a college degree. The average annual household income is $131,000, and just 3% of the populace reside in poverty.

The region boasts a rich historical heritage with many landmarks dating back to the Revolutionary War period and beyond. The oldest site, the DeClark-DeWint House, was erected in 1700 and features a carriage house and stone mill. Commuters have access to a rail line, and the area has a number of green spaces where families can enjoy their recreational time.


Tappan is home to 6,757 people, and these are dispersed among 2,294 dwellings at an average density of 822 per square mile. 37% of homes have children below the age of 18 living therein, and 73% are occupied by married couples.

The average number of people living together is 2.98, and 16% of homes are comprised of non-families. 13% of people live alone, and of these about half were aged 65 and older. 7% of households were headed by a single female, and the average age is just 43 years.

Real Estate

The median list price for a home is $669,000 or $307 per square foot, up 4.6% over last year. This trend is forecasted to continue, as prices are expected to increase by another 3.2% in the year to come. There are currently 15 properties available for purchase.

Homes sell for 95.9% percent of the asking price on average after just 1 offer with a down payment of 10%. 3 properties sold in the previous month.

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