Lake Mohegan, NY Property Tax Reduction & Assessment

Lake Mohegan, NY Property Tax Reduction

Are your Lake Mohegan property taxes too high? Our property tax appeal service, will make appealing your taxes easy. We will represent you by building your case and filing it with the Board of Assessment Review. We will advise you on the type of evidence that is acceptable & how to navigate the courts. We will actually make the court appearances for you & do all the paperwork. We even pay the appraisal & court filing fees. And the best part...there is no fee until we have successfully lowered your taxes.

Here's How We Can Reduce Your Lake Mohegan, NY Real Estate Taxes:

Step 1: Determine if you are entitled to a property tax reduction in the Lake Mohegan, NY.

Real estate taxes are based on assessed values which are often incorrect or outdated. Use our Westchester County property tax tool to see if you are paying too much in your property taxes.

Step 2:
Sign the tax appeal authorization form.

The Lake Mohegan tax appeal form grants us the right to act as your representative in the Westchester County tax grievance process.

Step 3:
We determine if your case is worth pursuing.

We perform an appraisal on your Lake Mohegan, NY home to determine if your case is worth pursuing. We then send you a letter outlying the next steps & requesting additional information in order to build your case.

Step 4: We appeal your Lake Mohegan real estate taxes.

We gather all the information & evidence needed for your Lake Mohegan, NY tax appeal and fill out a property tax grievance form on your behalf. Then, we file a complaint with the Assessor, requesting that he lower the assessment to the proper amount. The complaint is then reviewed by the (BAR) Board of Assessment Review on whether the assessment is fair or not. Usually the BAR doesn't give many reductions. We then make a pretrial and trial date to take the town assessor to small claims court to complain about the BAR's decision. Most properties are negotiated with the assessor prior to the actual court date. The ones that aren't negotiated go to trial and are decided by the judge.

Step 5:
You save money! 

In most cases you will receive a refund of the overpayment in taxes. Only once we succeed in reducing your property taxes do we receive payment from you. If we don't succeed in lowering your taxes, there is no charge!


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