Port Jervis, New York – Where Three States Meet

Port Jervis, New York – Where Three States Meet

Port Jervis, New York is located close to where the borders of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania meet and is near the center of the Delaware River as marked by Tri-States Monument, an engraved granite pillar. Known for its vast railways, especially for shipping coal in its early history, the city is a part of the New York metropolitan area.

Residents can partake of rafting and other river activities and can enjoy the several scenic parks the region offers. Commuters can arrive at Hoboken in about 90 minutes and can easily access New York City. 46% of the population owns their own home, and 61% have earned at least their high school diploma.


8,860 people reside within Port Jarvis, and these are distributed amongst 3,533 households at a population density of 3,500 people per square mile. 32% of homes have children below the age of 18 living therein, and 40% are comprised of married couples living together.

32% of households are made up of individuals, and 15% of these are persons aged above 65 years. The average family is 3.15.

Real Estate

The median list price for a home in Port Jervis is $213,500, or $149 per square foot, and this is up from $174,500 from just one year ago.  The average number of days a listing will sit on the market before selling is 46, and 98.9% will sell for their list price. 147 properties are currently available for purchase, and 10 homes were sold last month.

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