South Salem, New York – Beautiful Scenery And Horse Farms

South Salem, New York – Beautiful Scenery And Horse Farms

South Salem, New York is a hamlet located in Westchester County and is the largest of six hamlets in the Town of Lewisboro. It is mostly a rural country, boasting horse farms, carefully manicured tracts of land, and is a quiet, peaceful place to raise children. Residents have quick access to Interstate 684, and the area is also close to the border with Connecticut.

The region has a variety of parks and lakes for families to enjoy, and the Wolf Conservation Center has endangered species of wolves that people can learn about and even see up close. Commuters can arrive at Grand Central Station in Manhattan in 50 minutes from the terminal near Katonah.

South Salem has been home to several notables, including the 33rd Vice President of the United States, Henry A. Wallace, singer Sally Ann Howes, and guitarist for the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards.

Real Estate

The median sale price for a home in South Salem is $760,000, or $301 per square foot, and this figure is up 27.2% since January of 2020. The average home will sell for $883,211, showing a difference of roughly $123,000 from the median, as a median figure is the middle value of all available data when lined up from smallest to largest and an average is achieved by adding all the price points together and dividing by the number of imputs.

19 homes were sold last month, and this is 13.6% less than that of a year ago. The average number of days on the market is 93, and the average sale price will be 98% of the asking price. 27 properties are currently available for purchase, many of which are featured by Sotheby’s.

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