Haverstraw, New York – A Town Populated By Young People

Haverstraw, New York – A Town Populated By Young People

Haverstraw New York is located in Rockland County, is east of Orange County, and is situated to the west of the Hudson River. It boasts easy access to jobs in a variety of sectors for working professionals, such as medicine and technology, and commuters can the use of Haverstaw’s efficient public transportation system.

Its population is fairly young, with an average age of 32, and there are a number of bucolic parks in the region for families to enjoy. Residents can also choose to spend their day watching sports at the ballfields.

Many of the homes in the area are unoccupied throughout the majority of the year, as the owners own primary residences in other locations. Visitors to the region will enjoy viewing homes with European architectural features, and the town’s citizens enjoy close proximity to various fitness and health facilities.


10,117 people live in a total of 2,816 households within Haverstraw, New York. Of these, there are 2,168 families living together, with 5,078 people residing per square mile. The town has 2,295 houses, distributed at the rate of 1,468 per square mile.

43.5% of homes have children living therein who are below the age of 18, and 47.1% are married couples. 23% are headed by a female without the presence of an adult male, and 23% are unrelated people cohabitating. 17.9% of people live alone, and of these, 7.4% are above the age of 65. For every 93 males, there are 100 females.

 Real Estate Figures

The housing market in Haverstraw is small, and this is reflected in the fact that only 34 homes are currently listed for sale. The median home value is $242,100, and Zillow projects that the value is set to increase by 13.4% over the course of 2018.

The average home sells for $205,819, and this has increased by 14.8% than selling prices in 2017. The number of homes available has grown by 10% since the previous year.

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