Sokol Group Customers Get Results

Sokol Group Customers Get Results

For almost 25 years, Bruce Sokol has offered the Hudson Valley area of New York State superior real estate tax reduction services. His staff includes Chana Tova Sokol who has some very humorous stories to share with you. In the not so distant past there was a time when people answered their home phones and few homeowners had answering machines.

Chana put together a list of phones numbers from potential real estate property homeowners who deserved lower taxes, according to the Sokol market research data. She would reach the homeowners and set up an appointment for Bruce Sokol to come down to have the homeowners sign the authorization to use Sokol. When Bruce got to the homes of these people, they would rave about the very nice lady who said Bruce was a professional real estate appraisal and how almost 98 per cent of all their customers got large tax reductions from the Sokol service.

Then they homeowners would ask: ‘Is Mrs. Sokol your mother, because she just praises you so. That is why we just had to sign up with you. We had to meet this very nice man.’ Bruce would chuckle over this excitement to meet him. Well, Mrs. Sokol is not his mother, but she is his wife and she believes in the services of Sokol Group head over heels. “Listen, if you believe in your worth and you sincerely see you reduce taxes that are just
unfairly too high, then why not let the good word out,” says Chana.

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