Eastchester – A Highly Populated Census-Designated Place

Eastchester – A Highly Populated Census-Designated Place

Eastchester, New York is located in Westchester County, and it is termed a census-designated place. The region is 3.5 miles square of which 2.9% is water, and it comprises the Town of Eastchester but not the villages of Bronxville and Tuckahoe.

Eastchester residents enjoy easy access to public transportation, a full 20% of whom use it daily for their work needs, and the area boasts a high segment of its population employed in the fields related to education and in scientific and technical services, finance, and insurance. Construction, real estate, and information also rank high as available sectors for employment.

The average commuter spends 31 minutes on his or her way to work, and the median income is $103,000 with a scant unemployment rate of 4.2%. 61% of the population has a college degree with a full quarter of the residents being in possession of a post graduate degree.


19,554 people reside in Eastchester and are dispersed among 7,687 households at a density o 5,542 people per square mile. A full quarter of the residents are below the age of 18, and 56% of people are married couples living together.

One third of occupants are nonfamilies, and another 30% are individuals. 8% of these are female heads of house, and in 14% of cases, it is a person above the age of 65 living alone. The average size of each household is made up of 2.41 persons.

Real Estate

The median price of a home for sale is $725,000 or $366 per square foot, and there are currently 185 homes available for purchase. This figure is up from $675,000, the median list price one year ago, and the average property will spend just 26 days on the market and will sell for 98.25% of its asking price after receiving 3 offers and accepting a 20% down payment. 13 houses were sold last month.

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