Hillcrest, New York – A Quick Commute From New York City

Hillcrest, New York – A Quick Commute From New York City

Hillcrest is located within the town of Ramapo in Rockland County and is a hamlet considered to be a bedroom suburb of the Big Apple. Workers can easily commute to New York City but can also find an array of jobs nearby. For example, within Hillcrest, 16% of people in the area find employment in construction, 11% in retail, 10% in public administration, 9% in manufacturing, 8% in transportation, 7% in education, and 7% in administrative support positions.

Nearby is 570 acres of assorted parks where people can play golf, hike, ride bicycles, swim, and where their children can use playground equipment. A variety of public transportation is available, and people have ready access to health care establishments and hospitals.


7,016 people live in the hamlet of Hillcrest, and these are dispersed amongst 1,979 households at a density of 1,577 housing units per square mile on average. 2,036 separate homes exist in total, and there are 5,508 people residing, on average, in each square mile.

42% of homes have children under 18 living therein, and 63% are headed by a married couple. 12% have a female head without a husband, and 19% are made up of individuals not related to one another. 16% of the area’s denizens have a single householder living alone, and in 8% of cases, this person is aged 65 years or older. The median income is $89,262, and the median age of its residents is 37.8 years.

Real Estate

The median price a home for sale in Hillcrest will be listed for is $879,000, or about $565 per square foot. There are currently just 8 homes for sale in this region, and homes typically sell for 99.3% of their asking price. In the past month, 1 home has sold.

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