Mount Vernon is Home to Idyllic Fleetwood

Mount Vernon is Home to Idyllic Fleetwood

Mount Vernon is a suburb in southern Westchester County in New York. It’s an ideal place to live for many people who take up residence in the Fleetwood neighborhood. That is because Fleetwood is represented by a charming stock of Mediterranean, Tudor, and Colonial homes, including Art Deco and Tudor apartment buildings.

Mount Vernon, located in New York, is part of Westchester County.

Mount Vernon is a suburb in Westchester County in New York.

Streets in the neighborhood have beautiful lawns and lush vegetation in the summertime. Residents also like the short 30-minute rail commute from the Fleetwood Station to their jobs in New York City.

Arts-and Craft Style Homes

Properties in the Mount Vernon enclave include three-bedroom 1930’s Arts-and-Craft style homes, whose market value is around $550,000. Some areas of the country might consider this a high price for a home. Residents know that they would pay more for a 1960’s style ranch in nearby Bronxville.

Idyllic Fleetwood has a shopping area that comprises Gramatan Avenue, and Broad and Grand Streets. It’s located in the norther part of Mount Vernon, a city of about 70,000 people that records a high crime rate, when compared to other cities in New York State. As a result, some people living in Mount Vernon have relocated elsewhere.

A Small-town Feel

Nevertheless, homeowners living in Fleetwood still boast about the community’s small-town feel. Many of the area’s vintage homes are both luxurious and large and compete in class and style with far more upscale communities, such as Pelham and the aforementioned Bronxville. However, the market value of the properties, again, is not as substantial.

According to current real state statistics, homes in Mount Vernon list for around $500,000, with the highest listing price reaching a peak of $1,550,000. As a result, some homeowners might question the amount of property tax they are currently paying.

You May Be Paying Too Much Tax

While homes in Fleetwood are historically appealing and large, they still fetch prices that are lower than their comparable upscale counterparts. If you believe that you may be paying too much tax then, you need to contact a tax appeal service to see if you can obtain a tax reduction.

To see if you can get a property tax reduction, use a property tax tool online to make an assessment. Some property valuations are older. Your home’s current worth might not be correct. High taxes effect your pocket book and make a property more difficult to sell.


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