Peekskill: Country and Urban Beauty

Peekskill: Country and Urban Beauty

Peekskill is a community of about 24,000 people. Located in northwest Westchester County, the historic river town is a haven for young professionals and families. Lured by the area’s home bargains and a reasonable commute, people love living in country-urban setting.

Peekskill - Riverfront Green Park

Peekskill – Riverfront Green Park

Some people come to Peekskill after getting priced out of Manhattan. Therefore, the city offers what people want in terms of affordability. For example, you can purchase a Craftsman-type house of 2,500 square feet for $220,000. So, if you renovate the property and you can double its value.

Are You an Artist?

If you enjoy art, the city of Peekskill has made provisions along these lines as well. During the 1990s, the city made zoning changes to the downtown, enabling artists to live and work in the area. While Peekskill is not a tony Westchester community, it is diverse and interesting. Plus, the city is known for its lower tax structure, which is ideal for retirees.

Peekskill covers 4.37 square miles, and is ringed by Cortlandt, which was part of the city until 1940. Most of the real estate is older, and is made up of small ranches or massive Victorians on urbanized lots. Late 19th– and 20th-century commercial structures predominate the downtown area.

Inviting Historical Areas

Should you trek north of downtown, you can view the historic homes of captains of industry. Fort Hill and Mortgage Hill, north and southeast of the city’s center, showcase landmark real estate. If your tastes are more contemporary, modern condominiums are featured in Chapel Hill and in Riverbend, on the Hudson River.

While the city is not defined by a rolling green landscape, it does carry a river town charm. This type of character is showcased in a diverse nature and nearby night life. According to current real estate data, the median sales price for most homes in Peekskill hovers at $250,000.

Where to Go if You Like Nature

If you enjoy outdoor activities, you can find what you are seeking at the public boat launches on the Hudson River. Nature lovers often head to Fort Hill Park or Riverfront Green Park to enjoy the outdoors as well. They can also be found at the Blue Mountain Reservation, or across the Hudson River at Bear Mountain State Park.

Indeed, Peekskill is a picturesque place to call home. To determine the fairness of your tax rate, contact a tax appeals service. If you are seeking an affordable piece of real estate, you also need to make sure your tax rate is equitable. Whether you are a young professional, retiree, or artist, it is important to make sure you are not overcharged on your tax.

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