Yorktown, New York – A Community Nearby to Manhattan

Yorktown, New York – A Community Nearby to Manhattan

Yorktown enjoys a close proximity to one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas – Manhattan. It has a rich historical significance, as it was once inhabited with various Indian tribes, such as the Osceola, Amawalk, Kitchawan, and the Mohegans.

Yorktown was also utilized strategically during the American Revolution, and it was the site of the Davenport House massacre. This is the site where a British officer, John Andre, communicated with the famous turncoat, Benedict Arnold, eating breakfast one last time on Hanover Street before he was hung for the act of committing treason, working as a spy for the British.

Residents can enjoy a lifestyle that includes all the benefits of living in a bucolic environment, including a mixture of trees, outdoor recreation, culture, museums, shopping, and fun activities, and they can also enjoy a 70-minute train ride to the city. The area is known for its historic churches as well.


36,318 people comprise the town of Yorktown, and these are distributed among 12,556 households. 9,831 families enjoy living in the area, and these do so at the rate of 989.7 people per square mile in 12,852 housing units.

40.95% of households have children under the age of 18 living therein, and 69.15 are composed of married couples. 7.1% have just a female householder present and 21.7% are nonfamilies. 19.% had just a single occupant, and 10% of these were over the age of 65 years old.

 Real Estate

The median listing price for houses in Yorktown, NY is $475,650.  Currently, there 87 active listings, and this figure is down 1.6 percent since the same month in 2017. The average home in the area is priced at $452,300, up 5.2% from 2017.

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Photo courtesy of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yorktown,_New_York#/media/File:Yorktown_NY_Presby_PHS837.jpg



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