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Lower Your Property Taxes

How Much Can I Save?

As an example, if we lower your taxes by $2,000 per year, you pay us $1,200 and keep $800. In…
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Cost Savings

What Does it Cost?

There is absolutely NO CHARGE until we succeed in reducing your property taxes. Our fee of 60% of the first…
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Sokol Assessment

How Does it Work?

When you sign up and fax or email the completed: tax appeal authorization form we do a free computer analysis of…
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Appeal for Reduction

Can you Appeal for a Reduction?

Yes, you can bring a claim to a local Assessment Review Board. Homeowners often contract for this with an agent…
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Overassessed Homes

Why are Some Properties Over-Assessed?

Quite simply, assessed home values have NOT been adjusted by your town or municipality to reflect the downward trend in…
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